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Veloxa is an easy-to-give, tasty chewable broad-spectrum wormer for the treatment of infections by intestinal worms in dogs and puppies. Brought to you by the manufacturers of FRONTLINE®. Veloxa kills all common intestinal worms: roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, and whipworms. It is a tasty, chewable beef-flavoured tablet, no need to be given with or hidden in food. Veloxa can be given to dogs of all ages weighing at least 2.5 kg and to lactating bitches.

Preparation and Usage

For dogs weighing 2.5 to 30 kg, give 1 tablet per 10 kg bodyweight:
2.5-5 kg bodyweight: ½ tablet
>5-10 kg bodyweight: 1 tablet
>10-15 kg bodyweight: 1½ tablet
>15-20 kg bodyweight: 2 tablets
>20-25 kg bodyweight: 2½ tablets
>25-30 kg bodyweight: 3 tablets
For dogs weighing more than 30 kg, Veloxa XL Chewable Tablets (for large dogs) should be used.

Treatment frequency:
Vet experts recommend the following treatment intervals for intestinal worms1:
– Adult dog: at least every 3 months
– Dog living with children: monthly, as Toxocara roundworms can be passed to humans2
– Weaned puppy: monthly until 6 months of age, as roundworms can cause serious illness

A single dose treats the current infection and does not prevent re-infection. Frequency of treatment varies depending on the dog’s risk of re-infection, and therefore varies with age and lifestyle; if there is a risk for re-infection, advice on worming frequency should be sought from a vet.

1Worm Control in Dogs and Cats: ESCCAP Guideline 01 Second Edition – 2010
2Toxocara spp. pose a serious zoonotic risk, particularly for children, monthly roundworm treatment will largely prevent patent infection and minimise egg shedding, therefore reducing exposure risk.

Tablet halves should be used within 2 days.

Read the packaged leaflet before use.
Oral use.

Other Information

Active ingredients: febantel, pyrantel, praziquantel
Legal category: NFA-VPS (UK), CAM (IE)
Vm 32823/4010 (UK), VPA 10482/002/001 (IE)
Use medicines responsibly
FRONTLINE® is a registered trademark of Merial

Legal Category:  NFA-VPS

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