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Unique formula promotes the growth of strong, healthy hooves. Double strength biotin with essential vitamins and minerals to increase hoof structural integrity and induce cell regeneration.

Hoof First unique formula contains high strength Biotin with all the essential vitamins and minerals to produce a healthy hoof. Biotin is a B vitamin which is produced in the horse’s intestine in sufficient quantity to satisfy his basic nutritional needs but some horses with poor quality, thin, brittle hoof walls and tender, thin soles benefit greatly from biotin supplementation. Hoof First has 40mg of Bitotin per 25g serving which is double the strength of most other brand of foot supplement.   This is combined with a number of other proven ingredients (methionine, a sulphur rich amino acid essential in the formation of keratin, zinc, essential for growth and healing, copper, lysine and vitamin B1.  t is well known that Biotin will grow horn but at HORSE FIRST we want to give you more, a strong, healthy hoof with continuous growth.  Hoof First grows hooves which are better for your farrier to work with, and fights problems such as thin soles, cracked, chipped or weak hooves, contributing to lost shoes which are costly.

Why Choose Hoof First?

  • 40mg Biotin per serving.
  • The strongest hoof product on the market.
  • We have doubled the amount of essential Biotin to ensure optimum uptake.
  • 2kg tub provides 80 day supply (twice as long as other hoof products.)

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